The Door

He was drunk again. I could hear his voice coming from the back of the bar before I even made it into the pub, laughter filled with mirth and wonder. He was in an argument with another, both of them using their pints to help them emphasize their points, and …


Fenris (vignette)

“There are strange things done in the midnight sun,” The brochure read. It showed a drum circle with college kids dressed in Dreggo costumes with their hands up as they danced. They were laughing, having a great time, their skin bathed red in the dim star’s light.


[Disclaimer: This is a rough draft exercise. No editing has been performed.] Eight of them gathered on a hillside before dawn. The …


Hey, it’s Joe. I’ve been quiet for a while, since suspending Little Tommy to finish my novel. I wanted to give you guys an update.

Little Tommy, Part Eight

Prompt: Bologna Sandwhich (thanks Dija!)Rhea C. / Food Photos / CC BY-ND   The Oxygen Den Little Tommy, Part 8. (Click here …

Eagle, Inwood Hill Park

Little Tommy, Part Six

Little Tommy joins the war between Mythology and Reality. His first opponent… is an eagle.


Little Tommy, Part Five

Little Tommy has gone too far, too fast. Can he turn back in time?

[Little Tommy is a series written by Joseph F. Russo based on prompts given to him by his facebook fans. This series updates weekly.]